DISI is actively cooperating with institutions from Serbia and abroad, including trailblazers in the field of digital humanities such as the University Library, “Svetozar Marković”. We collaborate in developing the democratized process of digitalization through the application of ScanTent technology. We also cooperate with the National Library of Serbia, Audiovisual archives, and the digitalization Center of SAAS, the Open Society Archives from Budapest ,and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Amsterdam.


December 2018: University Library ''Svetozar Marković'': ScanTent training

January 2019: University Library ''Svetozar Marković'': Cooperation agreement

April 2019: Open Society Archives Budapest: Exchange of experience

April 2019: Exchange of experience with colleagues from National Library of Serbia

June 2019: Audiovisual Archives i Digitalization Center of SAAS: Visit of ICH leadership and DISI team