The Institute for Contemporary History (ICH) is a research institution dedicated to furthering the understanding of the recent past, facilitating the study of political, social, economic and cultural history in the context of Serbian, Yugoslav, Balkan, European, and global society. The ICH is a leading institution in the sphere of contemporary history and historiography, envisaged and structured as an organization that assembles experts and creates a forum for the exchanges of ideas, knowledge, and research results. The ICH is devoted to creating and furthering knowledge about the past, as well as critical historical consciousness about historical events and processes that shaped our world. The ICH creates and promotes new models of knowledge in Serbian historiography, creating preconditions for gaining a reliable knowledge about the past.


By setting and reaching standards of its scholarly output, the ICH broadens its academic excellence. Through continuous capacity building and robust international cooperation, the ICH strives toward mediation between the local, regional, and global scholarly communities. Through cooperation, research, and publishing, our research associates are devoted to raising the level of scholarly standards. The digitalization of our production is aimed at addressing the global scholarly community, but also strives for a wider outreach.


The ICH conducts its activity according to its program, through research projects, which include investigation of various processes, public figures, and phenomena related to political, cultural, economic, and social history. ICH activities are directed toward exchanging and sharing knowledge, both in the field of history and among related fields of social sciences. Our efforts also focus on disseminating our research results. Through projects, seminars, workshops, conferences, and publications in the sphere of history and historiography of the 20th century, the ICH leads a constant dialogue between the past and the present.