Yugoslav Crisis: Project of Publishing
the Documents on the Collapse of Yugoslavia

ICH project dedicated to publication of documents related to the collapse of Yugoslavia was initiated on a meeting of the ICG leadership in March 2010. It was decided to utilize on the material from the database of the Court Records of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ( Two interrelated subfields were defined - The End of Yugoslavia (focusing on events from 1991) and the Yugoslav crisis (focusing on international negotiations during 1992 and 1993). The priority was given to the documents which:
(a) were exhibited in public trials
(b) derived from the activity of the highest state institutions and
(c) could be thematically and chronologically sorted with coherence.

Project is coordinated by dr Kosta Nikolić and dr Vladimir Petrović.

Project cooperation
This project generated substantial cooperation with different domestic and international institutions engaged in collecting such data (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, Humanitarian Law Center, Presidential Cabinet of Serbia). Most funding came from the Ministry of education, science and technological development of Republic of Serbia. Project was promoted in a number of international gatherings and conferences (Sarajevo 2011, Graz 2011, Amsterdam 2014, Boston 2016).
This project was conducted from 2010 until 2018. The amassed documents were critically analyzed and commented, supplemented with biographies of protagonists, maps, newspaper articles, chronologies and other finding aids. They were published by dr Kosta Nikolic and dr Vladimir Petrovic in two distinct series.

The End of Yugoslavia:
Od mira do rata. Dokumenta Predsedništva SFRJ, Beograd, 2011.
(From Peace to War. Documents of the SFRY Presidency) (PDF)
Rat u Sloveniji. Dokumenta Predsedništva SFRJ, Beograd 2012.
(War in Slovenia. Documents of the SFRY Presidency) (PDF)
Rat u Hrvatskoj. Dokumenta Predsedništva SFRJ, Beograd 2018.
(War in Croatia. Documents of the SFRY Presidency) (PDF)

Yugoslav Crisis:
Bosna i Hercegovina u vreme raspada SFRJ, Beograd 2010.
Bosnia and Herzegovina during the collapse of the SFRY (PDF)
Srpske političke elite i Londonska konferencija I-II, 2010-1.
Serbian Political Elites and the London Conference I-II) (PDF I) (PDF II)
Srpske političke elite i Vens-Ovenov plan I-II, 2014-6.
Serbian political elites and the Vance-Owen Plan, I-II) (PDF I) (PDF II)


Originals of documents are available on the Court Records database of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

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