Our commitment to digital scholarship is in keeping with best global practices, but is also grounded in our own historical experience. The Institute for Contemporary History is located in the building on Nikola Pašić Square, built in 1934 as the Palace of the Privileged Agrarian Bank,

The building was heavily damaged in the Second World War.

The building was reconstructed during the postwar period, and even expanded, as the Central Committee of the Communist part of Yugoslavia found its way in house its Headquarters. As the Central Committee moved into the new building in 1965, the space was designated for research institutes, including ours. The building hosted a state of the art library, unique for the country. However, in the chaos of the 1990s, it was poorly maintained. Our associates did their best to save the most valuable segments of the library in the basement of the building, once the vaults of the bank, but much of the collections perished.

Witnessing this cycle of destruction time and again, we are resolved never again to allow the ruin of generational scientific efforts, which deserve lasting protection that informational technologies can provide..