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The Digital Center (disi@isi.co.rs) is located on the ground floor of the building on Trg Nikole Pašića 11. Actually, you can find it wherever you have an Internet connection. It is coordinated by dr Vladimir Petrović (vladimir.petrovic@isi.co.rs), and developed by dr Ljubinka Škodrić (ljubinka.skodric@isi.co.rs) and mr Rade Ristanović (rade.ristanovic@isi.co.rs).
The steering committee of DISI is composed of four members: Professor Predrag Marković, dr Kosta Nikolić, dr Adam Sofronijević, and dr Dragana Nikolić-Grbić.

Who are we: DISI is the digital component of the Institute for Contemporary History.
What do we do: We provide the up-to-date protection of our historical heritage and facilitate access to research results both for professional publics and wider audiences.
How do we do that: By digitizing our collections and making them available to the public through our Repository (RISI), Portal (PISI) and Collections (KISI).

Digital Center of the Institute

Opening of the Digital Center on January 31, 2019

Ljubinka Škodrić and Rade Ristanović

Vladimir Petrović

Meeting of the Scholarly Council...

...in premises of the Digital Center